Monday, September 7, 2015

Garbage Drawing Sept 5

The rules for this exercise are still being defined.  I'm not drawing my compost and recycling, although I do compost my used Kleenex after I draw them, and some of my soft plastic I do collect and take to the recycling depot. I draw things that I know there's a reusable alternative for, and I draw things that I'm not quite sure how to dispose of.

I threw out half a block of moldy mozzarella, and thought I should have drawn it, but just composted it instead.

 On this day I went to see a movie (hence the candy wrapper) and used a paper towel to dry my hands in the ladies' restroom.  I dropped it in the garbage, and then thought I should have saved it to be documented, but wasn't willing to reach in the garbage and pick it out again, nor to carry it in my purse all day.
My boyfriend bought the M&M's but he shared with me and so I felt I had a share in his garbage.

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